From the Brakes Coffeehouse to The Brakes Project

In the winter of 2014, I, with the help of many friends and supporters, opened The Brakes Coffeehouse on Lark Street in downtown Albany, NY. It was a coffeehouse with a purpose: to serve sustainably-produced, low-carbon food and drink, and to serve as a community hub and meeting place for those concerned about the looming climate crisis.  Sadly, I had to close the coffeehouse after 16 months due to financial difficulties.  I regret the loss of the space — it was warm and inviting, with excellent food and a wonderful community.  But I am very excited that the transition has given me the time and space to start to build this site.  My hope is that The Brakes Project will serve as a resource for anyone concerned about climate change, especially those who want clear, concise information about what is happening and what we as individuals can do about it. I will provide summaries of the latest science, the current state of international agreements, and what it all means. I will also be creating a program to help individuals understand how their actions contribute to the wider global problem, to identify which changes will have the greatest impact on their carbon footprint, and to access the available tools and resources to make these changes.  Watch this space in the coming months as I work to build out the site. – Emily

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